Things to Look for in Android Phones

Most people love android phones. Whereas apple fans can state that iOS is friendlier to use than Android, it is not doubted that Android smartphones have their own aura. A decade ago, Android phones were not existing, but today everyone loves a touchscreen phone. This is why most phone manufacturers are producing phones featuring this OS. As a result therefore when you go to purchase Android smartphones you can be confused. You need to keep the following things in mind before deciding which android phone to buy.


You want a phone that looks good. It needs to be worth showing around, but along with this, you do not want the phone to be fragile to handle. The trend today has sleek, 5-inch display android phones for you to choose

Battery life

One of the most common problems with phones today is poor battery life. It takes a whole night to get charged and die after four hours. You can think of buying external battery chargers. However, possessing one will add to your bills. Therefore when purchasing an android phones keep in mind the battery capacity and life of the phone.


Expandable storage

Some phones do not allow for expansion of storage capacity. If you have a 16GB internal capacity, you cannot add more storage. Most people use 16GB only for music. You need storage of at least 32GB to store your games and music.

OS version

Android OS names are usually complex. They have names such as jelly-bean, kit-kat, and gingerbread. These are some of the versions that exist today. Although they sound yummy from a layman point of view, they are not easy to understand. Try to go for the latest OS versions to ensure compatibility with all the applications.


Spending 200 dollars on the phone you are going only to receive and make calls is unreasonable. Never get swayed by the looks. The glamor will wear sooner than you expect. Phones are not supposed to be used only for calls but instead for various reasons like browsing, watching movies and playing games.

Customer care

The more advanced your phone is, the more the chances are that you will need service. You, therefore, need a company whose customer care is available to help fix your phone without making it hard for you.


cameraMore megapixels means a better phone for most people. Everyone wants a great picture. After all, not everybody wants or knows DSLR. Be it posting on social media sites or uploading pictures on Instagram, taking photos through the smartphones makes things easy. Do not, however, look for the number of megapixels that is on offer but rather the quality of the lens since it is not only the number of megapixels that determines the picture quality.